Not Just a Job

While on R&R during my last deployment, I went to Morocco to ride motorcycles with a buddy of mine. Morocco is a surprisingly diverse country with mountains, desert, beaches, etc. 

It occurred to me that it would be really nice if I had an app that would help me plan riding routes. In particular, I’d like to depict the weather forecast for waypoints along the route at the estimated time I’ll be there and include known bike-friend locations (coffee, bars, infamous twisties, etc) in the vicinity of the polyline. So I used PowerPoint (thanks to my PowerPoint Ranger skillz) to draw a base plan sketch of an Android App using Google Maps and Directions APIs.


Off the bat I can see two primary modules for the app, a Ride Activity and a Plan Activity. The Ride Activity will include real-time tracking of the GPS position along with use of the accelerometer to determine the lean angle of the bike. My thought is that speed and lean would be good data points to track and store for previously ridden routes. But that functionality is lower on the priority so will come in a later iteration.

The Plan Activity will have to allow the user to select start/end points and waypoints. It will then need to calculate a route using Google Directions API. From the returned Polyline, I’d like to pull the weather forecast along the route and traffic, because who wants to sit on a hot bike in traffic.

Let’s do this.


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